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Rovdina Gora project

Rovdina Gora is the place where it is being planned to organize a permanent exhibition dedicated to traditional shipbuilding and the preexisting there Stepan Negodyaev-Kochnev shipyard. The team of the project is planning to create self-made collection of traditional northern boats of various types. Participants of the project are going to construct boats under the supervision of experienced craftsmen. Boats from Rovdina Gora collection are not only going to be exhibited but also to be used for tourist boat trips and expeditions. In June 2019 participants of the project built the first boat – “zyryanka”. More boats are going to be built in 2020. The head of the project – Nikolay Vymorkov.

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Rovdino, Kurostrov island, Kholmogorsky District, Arkhangelsk Region