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The Archangel Committee of Greater Portland

Russian sister-city program of Greater Portland, Maine

The mission of The Archangel Committee is to establish, maintain and promote a vibrant Sister City Relationship between the cities and towns of Greater Portland and the City of Archangel in Russia.

Our goal is to gather knowledge, develop understanding and encourage peaceful interactions and exchanges between our two peoples. We seek to create many opportunities for the citizens our of communities to exchange ideas and to share our best qualities. We promote and support actual and virtual exchanges in all aspects of community life, including youth and educational programs, cultural activities, people-to-people delegations, Open World delegations, photography exhibitions, fire/rescue emergency services, museum operations and Rule of Law projects.

quoting from archangelportland.org

Today, Maine still has several Coastal Wooden Shipbuilding Shops and Schools, that both Build beautiful Sailing Ships and wooden Rowing Dories that are really works of Art by both young people and retired men and women as well as tremendous Restoration Projects. The Wooden Shipbuilding Schools like the Maine Woodenboat School – the Apprenticeshop,  bring Students from around the World. Some of the Students become the Teachers and Staff at those Schools and Shops.

Another beautiful and meticulous craft is the Maine Birch bark Canoe. Steve Cayard is one of those Master Canoe Craftsmen, who has worked in teaching and reviving the traditions with the Maine Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Nations. – Dennis Paul Marrotte, member of Archangel Committee


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Dennis Paul Marrotte, member
Daniel M. Glover, member