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«Matitsa. Faces»

One of the tasks of the Matica project is to tell about the people who build wooden boats in the 21st century. About those for whom this is a familiar thing. About those who do it for themselves.
Therefore, we had an idea – to shoot short videos about such private shipbuilders. The codename of the project is “Matitsa.Litsa”.
Thanks to the KenoVISION Film Festival we made our first try. The project coordinator, an employee of our museum Lera Lebedeva and the film crew of the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore met with the master from the village of Morshchinskaya Kenozersky National Park and recorded his history. Videos can be viewed in our group https://vk.com/arhsevmormuseum

Thanks to the organizers of the festival, cameramen Anton Pozdeev and Daria Kornilova and everyone who helped.

If among your friends there are craftsmen in the field of wooden shipbuilding, and they are ready to tell about their business – write to us!