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Matitsa of Senses – lecture schedule December

The time has come to tell you that all boats have names, boats and carbas – not the same thing, but to break it –not to build. Matitsa of Senses – lectorium for those who know nothing about wooden shipbuilding and for those who already know the subject!

We’re announcing the second part of the lecture program. We will publish detailed information about upcoming lectures with links to online broadcasting on our social networks.

DECEMBER 10, 19.00
Nikolai Pomorkov, Rovdina Gora project
topic: Rovdina Mountain Surviving Boat Museum: Practice and Research

DECEMBER 17, 19.00
Oleg Gorshkov, Museum of Folk Crafts and Crafts of Primorye
Wasteland and Patrakevka: unique sociocultural phenomena of the Maritime District of the Arkhangelsk Oblast

DECEMBER 21, 19:00
Anna Anziferova, Kenozero National Park
Development of the ecological trail “Permanent Carbas Park” in the village of Yarenga, Primorsky District

24 DECEMBER 19.00
Svetlana Tukina, Solovetsky Maritime Museum /Northern Sea Navigation Partnership
Tsar’s yacht “Saint Peter”: a journey from the 17th century to the 21st century

For assistance in the organisation of the lecture we thank CSI Arkhangelsk – the winner of the competition «Support of Centers of Social Innovation» of the program «Effective Philanthropy» of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation, created on the basis of the state museum association «Artistic Culture of the Russian North». CSI Arkhangelsk provides multifaceted support to sociocultural initiatives, serving as a resource centre in the field of culture and the arts. csiarkhangelsk.com

The lectures will be held online: ZOOM | Vkontakte | YouTube | Facebook
Matitsa of Senses – shipbuilding for all!