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Matitsa of Senses – lecture schedule

The time has come to tell you that all boats have names, boats and carbas – not the same thing, but to break it –not to build. Matitsa of Senses – lectorium for those who know nothing about wooden shipbuilding and for those who already know the subject!

We’re announcing the first part of the lecture program. We will publish detailed information about upcoming lectures with links to online broadcasting on our social networks.

22 NOVEMBER 16:00
Vitaly Drobilenko – Architect, Restorer, Moscow
Digital prototypes of people’s courts
Vitaly Drobilenko’s lecture can be heard in the North Sea Museum live. Entrance is a ticket to the museum. The number of seats is limited.

25 NOVEMBER 16:00
Ivan Katyshev – the Northern Maritime museum
Pomeranian shipbuilding: from the Northern Maritime museum collection

1 DECEMBER 19.00
Yevgeny Masilov, specialist in the formation of tourist products based on the traditional culture of the Kenozero National Park
Kenozero people’s Boat: from the Photographic Archives

DECEMBER 6, 19:00
Alexander Shushikhin, builder of birch and leather boats. Kotlas
Carcass boats of northern aborigines

The lectures will be held online: ZOOM | Vkontakte | YouTube | Facebook
Matitsa of Senses – shipbuilding for all!