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15 October – international conference in Zoom

On October 15 the participants and partners of the project met in Zoom. The online meeting brought together about 30 amateurs and specialists from Russia, Norway and the USA.The online meeting brought together about 30 amateurs and specialists from Russia, Norway and the United States.

The Northern Maritime Museum thanks all those who have expressed interest in our project, found an opportunity to communicate and share their experience in the conservation, development and popularization of wooden shipbuilding. In these difficult times, it is particularly important and enjoyable to see and hear colleagues from different countries and cities.

Special thanks to:

Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Kenozero National Park – Yevgeny Mazilov
Honorary Consulate of Norway in Archangelsk – Andrey Shalev
Pomor shipbuilding partnership – Yevgeny Shkaruba
Solovetsky Maritime Museum / Northern Sea Navigation Partnership – Svetlana Tukina
Shipbuilding cluster and The Foundation for the Revival of Traditional Shipbuilding and Arctic Navigation – Gleb Pletnev
Arkhangelsk Museum of Local History – Alexander Ryzhkov (Mezensky Historical and Local History Museum)
Museum of Folk Crafts and Crafts of Primorye – Oleg Gorshkov
Onega Historical and Memorial Museum – Alexei Ratnov
Rovdina Gora project – Nikolai Vymyrkov
Kargopol historical-architectural and art museum – Elena Protopopova
Club of historical and geographical projects «Lihiye Lyudi (Brave People)» – Maxim Berg
Likhachev Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage –  Alexander Okorokov
The Museum of the World Ocean – Olga Popova
Alexei Klimov – local historian, ecologist
Non-profit partnership, youth volunteer project «Standard» – Irina Ponomareva

Lofotr Viking Museum – Terje Bøe
Midt-Troms Museum – Lisa Gay Bostwick, Harry Anton Hillestad, John Helge Espenes

Penobscot Marine Museum – Cipperly A. Good
The Apprenticeshop – Nina Noah
Archangel Committee – Dennis Paul Marrotte, Daniel M. Glover
WoodenBoat School – Rich Hilsinger
Greg Rossel – Master Boat Builder, teacher, author, Instructor at the Maine Woodenboat SchoolMaine Boats, Homes & Harbors Magazine – Polly Saltonstall

Thank you, friends! That was great!
The conference record is available on YouTube.